Episode 4

Published on:

10th Nov 2020

Pearls of Wisdom with Lisa Greer

Lisa Greer is an Experienced IT professional hoping to inspire and be inspired by other AMAZING women.

Host of the ASIL PRIME podcast the shows intent is to inspire women to be PASSIONATE about what they believe in, REAL about who they are, INTELLIGENT without arrogance or reticence, MOTIVATED to achieve their goals, and EFFECTUAL in making it happen.

We'll share lessons learned, experiences and perspective on working in Corporate America, relationships, self-realization/self-help and more.

Primed for greatness!

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About the Podcast

To provide insight, encouragement, ideas, and inspiration to people struggling with self-limiting beliefs through authentic conversation. Unlocking the unlimited power of positive mindset and limitless belief one conversation at a time.
This show is for people who want to be successful but struggle with self limiting beliefs. We want to create a community where people can share, learn and grow from the examples and stories of individuals who have overcome life's obstacles and self-limiting beliefs.

About your host

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Frederick V. Tolbert

Frederick is a difference maker, who effects positive change, by how he lives and shares about his life.
A Servant Leader who believes in the power of stories as the ultimate vehicle for change.
He is on a mission to help individuals decrease the impact of internal and external limiting beliefs and live more full lives.
In his free time Frederick enjoys a good cigar, Golf with friends and listening to his favorite podcast.