Episode 2

Published on:

27th Oct 2020

A break from the norm and a launch pad for the extraordinary with Shannon Jones

For Chicago barber, stylist, and Timeout at Shannon’s CEO Shannon Jones, the job of a barber doesn’t end with a haircut. Instead, Shannon Jones has dedicated his life to a career that embodies the culture and social importance of the barbershop and its role as a vital institution. 

On February 24, 1998 the first Timeout at Shannon’s opened its doors. Initially amazed at the scope and nuance of Shannon’s vision, visitors have since become accustomed to the high level of service and care Timeout at Shannon’s has offered for the past decade. Timeout has been featured in such media as Men’s Health, Slam, Hoop, Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Complete Women, Dime, Salon Sense, and was a feature story on Chicago’s Channel Seven ABC Nightly News. In 2002 New City Magazine voted Timeout the city’s hottest barbershop, and that same year saw a front-page story on Shannon and Timeout printed nationwide in the venerable Wall Street Journal.

"Your life is a movie and God is the executive director"

-Shannon Jones

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To provide insight, encouragement, ideas, and inspiration to people struggling with self-limiting beliefs through authentic conversation. Unlocking the unlimited power of positive mindset and limitless belief one conversation at a time.
This show is for people who want to be successful but struggle with self limiting beliefs. We want to create a community where people can share, learn and grow from the examples and stories of individuals who have overcome life's obstacles and self-limiting beliefs.

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